Brent Angeline, Friendsville, PA

Hi, Brent Angeline a.k.a. Chironymous here to talk about violent sociopath DEVIN E. FOLEY (email: [email protected]) of 26 Pearl Street, Guelph, Ontario, Canada:
A couple months into our relationship, this woman randomly physically attacked me in my home following a weekend of marathon lovemaking.
She had on multiple prior occasions tried to force BDSM on me, not caring that she was hurting me, that I clearly told her as much and that I didn’t like it, or that I repeatedly told her to stop. Classic Antisocial or Borderline Personality Disorder behavior.
She had also previously somehow been allowed to cross the border from Canada after being stopped on multiple occasions with a machete, rope, and some bag of mystery powder.
On this night, she forced unwanted wrestling onto me that I could not get her to stop — or even to let go of me — with her telling me “I’m not done with you yet.” I told her repeatedly to stop, and she only became rougher, grabbing my throat and gouging it in multiple places with her nails. After finally getting her in not one — but multiple pins and getting her to promise to stop, she still would not stop and began kicking things over until I got her into a more solid pin.
She refused to talk about what she did or the now-permanent scars on my neck, instead proceeding to verbally abuse me with nasty comments and then emotionally abuse me with manipulative threatening and abandonment tactics.
She also trashed my room and later smashed some of my belongings.
She then reengaged me in violence, again not letting go of me when I this time commanded her to do so, and in the struggle to get her off of me, she got hit in the face by either my hand, arm, or head — bloodying her nose and alarming me into alerting her to it and getting her to stop. Then my sick and elderly parents I’d been caring for (mom has leukemia and dad’s a stroke victim) entered the room and witnessed her still acting like a maniac, later noting a crazed look in her eyes.
After I’d fought back she refused to talk about what she had done. More BPD or other form of dramatic personality disorder spectrum behavior.
Next was when she smashed some of my belongings in the road, screaming and swearing all the while as my parents watched her.
Then she drove off drunk into the night in her parents’ vehicle.
She then went on to attack me on the chat network where I’d been hanging out for 7 months and stole my chat bot I’d put months of work into. She from then on maintained a 24/7 harassing presence there for MONTHS and went out of her way to talk trash on me, turn others against me and get me temporarily banned by spreading our private messages without indication that she was going to edit them and then do so.
Instead of accepting any responsibility whatsoever, making any attempt at apology and vehemently refusing any civil reconciliation (even for the good of the community), over the course of MONTHS, she has continued her campaign of lies against me on multiple networks and even enlisted others to help, including the ever-idiotic douchebag known as GDfriend. She is the scum of the earth and so are those who associate with her anymore.
Now there’s also been talking trash about me on here, so I am more than happy to return the favor, considering she’s basically a TERRORIST for bringing violence to our country from across the border.

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