– unauthorized charges on debit card – On 3/2/15 there was an unauthorized charges on debit card amount of $45.85 taken from my debt card that I had no knowledge of until I called about my account so if you could please look into this matter I would greatly appreciate it. The account # is 5332480070981461. Thank you very much Maribeth Gordon

Direct Tv

Direct Tv – bill increase – Direct tv increased bills in February but it was stated clearly that the increase doesn’t apply to exciting customers or exciting promotion offers…. Called and emailed several times back and fourth all I was getting is well it’s cost increase and we’re willing to give you a $4 dollars off … After few attempt the language changes and I was told it’s the government that is charging me the extra $$$ for sport Channels not direct tv… This is not the first time that I get a bill increase … First time was 10$ for some warranty that I had no idea what it was for …
When I tried to cancel my service I was told that it will cost me $20 for each remaining months of my contracts…. I asked Teressa if that’s what they usually charged she said YES …. They’ve been charging that amount for awhile now … I had my original contract which stated it is $15 a month not 20$ but Teressa insisted that its not true and came up with all the calculations …. They tried to change my plans and cut my channels instead of just honoring my contract… Teressa went even to tell me that they’re HELPING ME out with my bill …. I appreciate the help but I will pass… I am paying for services you provide …. It is clearly to me that direct tv will do anything to get extra dollars if you catch it they will try to negotiate if you don’t you will get stuck for 24 months paying extra $$$ here and there… I


InstantIncomeFromHome.Com – Fraud – I submitted a refund request from the company within the free trial, and the company has not complied with their offer. I submitted a request to refund money from the company within the free trial, and the company says they gave the money back to my bank. There is no record in my account, and so I contacted my bank. My bank told me to ask them when the refund was placed back in my account, but the company is not responding.