Teagan Presley, Texas, United States

Teagan Presley, Texas, United States – Idiotic Adult Actress – Teagan Presley who is an adult actress, female adult performer, and female adult entertainer is a greatly evil bigot and an extremely wicked racist who has directed her racism towards men who are African-American men or Black men. Her considerable racial discrimination of these African-American men or Black men comes out of the fact that she greatly despises with great detest or great hatred the skin complexion or skin color that belongs to these African-American men or Black men. Teagan Presley comes from Houston in the state of Texas (some say The Woodlands) and her Birth Name is Ashley Ann Erickson. The other aliases or other names that she has used are Teagan Presly and Tegan Presley. Due to the complete ugliness of skin color racist discrimination that is clearly seen and demonstrated by Teagan Presley one must clearly see her then be exposed for this great evil.

Indeed this treacherously evil skin color bigot named Teagan Presley must be exposed for how vicious, malicious, black-hearted, menacing, mentally unwell, corrupt, and crooked she most certainly and truly is. For truly Teagan Presley is indeed a racist garbage heap or racist toxic waste dump that is full of the filth of racism and for such racist filth and racist scum that is found within Teagan Presley she truly deserves to be exposed.

Sony India

Sony India – Sony led tv model kdl-40ex520 – We had purchased the said TV on 11th Nov 2011 for Rs. 64900.00 and it’s just over 2 years the Picture quality has disfigured with two different colors. We had called the service engineer from Sony service centre, kolkata and having inspected the TV, I am told the TV panel has to be replaced with an approx cost of Rs.24000.00. I am quite surprised with the repulsion of Sony product how can a panel go wrong within less than 2.5 years and would require to know the reason for the defect of the panel. I had a good experience of Sony products as we have been using Sony bravo TV, handycam, camera, PSP and photo saver. I would urge you to visit my place and investigate the problem with the front panel and would appreciate if you could revert with suitable answers. My contact details 9903955260 and my email [email protected]

Dish Network

Dish Network – Dish Network debited my bank account a total of $1907.50 – Dish debited my bank account a total of $1907.50 after I expressed on a recorded phone call that I do not authorize any debits before they did this. Dish debited bank account for $1907.50 after I expressed to the them I do not authorize use on my debit card from that account. I returned their equipment. I cancelled my service after expressing to customer service my complete dissatisfaction with their service on several different occasions. It is recorded that I did not give my consent to use my debit card. I feel I do not own Dish Network this amount of money.


piratetorrents.net – It is a fraudulent website. – It is a fraudulent website .
the downloaded file is a .rar with a text document that gives a url where if you pay an amount they give you the password to decompress the rar . But this is also false. Not even paying you get one .
I would add that there is no way to contact the administrator or any other representative.


Redbox – Redbox – Refund of $56.92 or will report issue to police – I had called them about a unauthorized charge to my card on march 21st 2015, they charged my card without my knowledge or my concent in the amount of 56.92 that day, they refused to give me a refund and said the “game purchase” was valid because I never returned it. I have never done businesses with this company and don’t even own a game machine. I demand a full refund to my card. They basically stole my money and apologized and refused to give me a refund!