Chiwahwah’s Lenexa Kansas

Chiwahwah’s Lenexa Kansas – Resturant – This little nasty restaurant in Lenexa,Kansas is so Filthy. I walked in, looked at a case with open gallons of ice cream to choose from and a dirty rag was sitting in one of the half filled gallon, to make matters worse, the girl working was flirting with every guy and asking for money for HERSELF! I was shocked, since I had not been waited on, “like I was going to buy anything anyway! Then, a cockroach ran over my shoe and around the counter. all of a sudden, police came in and escorted that rude girl out, apparently she stole hundreds of dollars in merchandise from a merchant a few doors down. I called the owner, he was not there, left a message of urgency to call he has yet to return any of my 10 calls. I told a friend that eats at another place in the same strip, she said the owner is a fraud. He only comes in at night to count his money. What money? no one was eating, just a lot of men looking drunk and drugged out. I am having this looks into. I recently heard they and a larger restaurant in the same strip mall, do everything they can to get “rid” of new tenants. They were full when I was there, drove by the other day and 4 stores, the “newest ones” were gone! Lying, Cheating, Bastards! I hope they all go to jail!

Molly’s Family Restaurant

Molly’s Family Restaurant – Rudeness / Bad Business – There are times that I need a walker and thier rest rooms are not set up for me to getbin to the rest room with my walker. I have a normal sized wheeled walker. Also I have a service dog and was told that sheis not welcome beacuse she two small to be a service dog. Then last night. I went and was told that if I was not ordering food I should just not come back. Even thou people at my table ordered food. I have bad food allergies and the last time I ate at Molly’s I was sick. The rest room needs to be ada up to codem lucky for me I can hold on to walls and hop around. Not everyone that wheelchair bound can do that. The staff need to know that its not okay to make someone feel bad for haveing a service dof. I am really sorry people can not see that I am disabled bit that makes me no less. And training on how to handle disabliable guest and not male them feel less then people.

Molly’s Family Restaurant
224 S Lincoln St
Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: (509) 998-7995

Buffalo Biodiesel

Buffalo Biodiesel – deep fryer grease pickup – Buffalo Bio-diesel painted a picture for our small single family owned restaurant as a reliable used fry oil pickup.They left 2 barrels. We filled with used oil. They never returned to pickup.After repeated calls to them from us to get there barrels picked up we are ignored.Those barrels have caused an amount of damage we have not even put a dollar figure to yet.It’s ruined part of our parking lot attracting rodents unsanitary conditions! Now a letter arrives from them suing us for over 20,000.for contract breach. They are CRAZY! Talk about scams!These people send marketers to your place of business and color coat their service to trap you into what you believe is perfect for your size business.
.Then they turn around and try to stick it to you. These are NOT BUFFALO PEOPLE! —- THEM! We will fight!

Burger King

Burger King – Roach in Drink – Roach in drink.I saw they had on display an award for guest satisfaction, WHAT A JOKE, they always mess up someone’s order. We always forgive it, not today. Today my kid sucked up a baby roach through the straw and it ended up in his mouth. I gave it to an employee to give it to the manager and he NEVER CAME OUT TO APPOLOGIZE or make it right.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza – Delivery time prolong and behaviour of manager – Hello, I ordered pizza on-line on 13th March 2015 night from Dominos Pizza, ASCENDAS IT PARK. I paid on-line by means of web-banking. As they recounted in their advertisement that if order will come after 30 minute then pizza can be free. However even after 50 minute late we refuse to provide the order and ask to cancel the order. Its eleven pm so we are unable to move enywhere