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Darren Ambler is a known STD Carrier- Has infected others: That has been verified: Darren will not escape this one: Criminal charges can be filed for spreading STD’s: Watch out- Be cautious of this sociopath con artist: very dangerous and calculating: Works as a Pharmacist in Florence NJ: (Express RX): Protect yourself- stay away from DARREN AMBLER OF DELRAN TWP NJ- DO NOT BE HIS NEXT POOR HELPLESS VICTIM: HE WANTS SEXUAL SLAVES: JUST LOOK AT HIM THAT FACE IS MORE THAN SCARY!!!!!

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Beware of prostitution scam and extortion

I met Jenya on seeking arrangement a couple months ago in NY. I am a married man, with children.

Our relationship started very nice. She was very outgoing, personable, and someone who I could talk to. We went on three dates within two weeks. We discussed the arrangement, and we agreed that it works for both of us.

The forth date we slept together and spent the night. I gave her some money to help her out, and she kindly accepted. The morning after we left our hotel room on good terms.

I am a semi-public figure. And she knew that. She asked if she could see me again, and I told her I’d like that very much again. I felt safe with her.

Two weeks ago, I get a voicemail from her, asking if I’d help her with a couple bills. I told her how much they were, and she said it was $2,300. I immediately had a reservation, as to why so much for a couple utility bills. As polite and less awkward as I could be, I told her I could help her, but not for the entire amount. I asked her to email me the bills and I would just pay them direct, with my gut feeling that she was lying. She said she would send them to me, but never did.

Last week I got an email from her asking for the money, and I said I’m not going to pay. I already gave her money for our time together, and that was only four times. She was angry, upset. She sounded like everything was cool, no hard feelings.

No more than 48 hours later, she texted me to send her $30k or she will tell my wife.

I was scared. I have three children.

No ones ever extorted me for money before. I actually thought she really liked me. I have so much to lose that I wired her the money a couple days later.

I’m not exaggerating on any of this. I hope she is done with me.

I’m not unique to this. I have learned in the past 2 days she has done this before to several men after researching her online.

Be careful. And shame on me, but that’s just not right either.

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Time waster. After changing the appointment time last minute, I clearly said I would see him just if he was for sure about meeting and he said yes but still cancelled three hours before. This guy doesnt know what he wants or how our business work. Dont waste your time with him
Mark Morris
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does not show up twice for apps setup but sees Lakes Girls With Girls Next Door and obviously one of her ******* minions. This guy is bad news. Others have said he has attempted forceful hard *** when wanting an escort and his body rubs girls have stated he tried to push for a ******** by hold heads down. so glad dodged him twice now.