Loveybug Ragdolls

Loveybug Ragdolls – Unethical Breeding Practices – Be Informed! – You can read about my experience here:

I think this “snip bit” (see photo with partial copy of the report) from the USDA/PACFA investigation speaks volumes, which is what the investigators found during an UNPLANNED and UNSCHEDULED visit to Kristie’s home. The full report and results of the full investigation, including what was found during the PLANNED and SCHEDULED visit to Kristie’s home can be found by requesting it at the following link: – False Guarantee! – Breeder’s advertisement guaranteed health of pup but breeder refused to provide written veterinary disclosure statements about the genetic health of the parents – which information could directly affect the health of the puppy and therefore possibly affect the “health guarantee” that breeder was offering. Breeder was asked TWICE by me for WRITTEN vet disclosures about the health of the parents and she refused. Without knowledge of the parents’ possible genetic issues, a “health guarantee” on the offspring is useless. My deposit was forfeited which was unfair because there was a false promise given.

Cheryl Clugh
Windy Knolls Kennel

Siberian Angels NY Cattery

Siberian Angels NY Cattery – Kitten died within a month of taking him home – We bought a 4 month old siberian kitten from Siberian Angels NY. Since the time we bought him home, he was always meowing. I thought maybe he was being underfed so I contacted the breeder who in return told me to feed him more and I did so. I didnt think I had any cause for alarm because the breeder gave us a clean bill of health signed by her vet. Fast forward 3 weeks and we had to run him to the emergency room because his breathing looked off. The vet told us he had pyothorax (pus in his chest cavity) and kept asking if we had any cats (we dont) and if the kitten was bit at the breeder’s house because this happen in kittens from breeders or shelters where another (healthy) cat could have bit them. By the time the owner realizes the cat needs help, the wound has already healed so they wouldnt know a bite caused it. He was in really bad shape. When they ran xrays and did an ultrasound they did not find any fractures or damages to his bones in the area, which rules out getting hit by a car. He was a strictly indoor kitten. Two days and thousands of dollars later, our kitten died. We had contacted the breeder and she asked if our children (both under 2) “gave him the illness” and if our children were vaccinated. As a breeder or any person that knows anything about cats, you would know that cats CANNOT catch illnesses from humans! Our vet said the same. The breeder sent us the following: “underlying reason that brought that kitten to death was either strong punch to the lungs area, foreign body or inhalation of an aggressive chemical substance.
So we have determined that Genetic Decease is totally ruled out. According to a sales agreement that You signed, replacement of the kitten will not be possible. I will not be hold responsible for accidents that occur in Your household.
I understand that You and Your family did not have any intent to harm that kitten.”
Basically she blamed us for his death for punching him or something. Surprisingly, her vets said NOTHING to her that her other cats might have bitten our kitten while he was there!
I am so disappointed. I wish we had gotten our kitten somewhere else. It would have spared us heartbreak and thousands of dollars. I should have known not to buy from a breeder that has only been in business for 6 years. Please avoid Siberian Angels NY Cattery in Brooklyn, NY!!!

Mark Kumpf, Dayton, Ohio

Mark Kumpf, Dayton, Ohio – entered and removed items from my home with no explanation of why – M.kumpt entered my home in Jan 2015 with butler twn police and a search Warrent with a sealed afidavit. He served my home and removed a cell phone and personal computer. He also removed a large bag of papers that included cash, gift cards, and a folder containing financial information and closing info from the perches of our home. He refused to show or explain why he was taking the items. Since the entry, we have contacted the judge signed on the warrent, the judge he was sitting in for on that day of signing and the court. Each time we get a denial of explanation or a can not comment response. I still have nothing.

Dawn Campbell of Pendraig Siberians

Dawn Campbell of Pendraig Siberians – Theft – On January 16, 2015, I purchased a golden Siberian kitten from Dawn Campbell of Pendraig Siberians via Paypal for $1,700. After many instances of non-response and limited update received on my kitten, I received an email from Dawn on March 15, 2015 stating she is keeping the kitten for her cattery and offered me a full refund. I agreed to the refund.

She claimed she used the money toward vet bills and cattery expenses so she could not pay me until she sold another kitten. She promised to draft a refund agreement by March 18, 2015 and forward it no later than March 21, 2015. I accepted the terms of the refund agreement via email.

Towards the end of the day on March 21, 2015 I asked her if she was going to send the refund agreement as promised. She claimed to have computer issues and said I would not receive the agreement until next week ending April 3, 2015.

On March 29, 2015 I stated since she was having computer issues she could mail me a hard copy of the agreement and/or provide an email agreement. I also offered 60 days payment terms from March 29, 2015. I received no response to these inquiries/alternative solutions.

On April 3, 2015 I advised I would be seeking small claims against her if the refund agreement was not in my hands. She sent the refund agreement on 11:57PM on April 3, 2015. I had the agreement signed and notarized on April 6, 2015 and certified mail signature required delivery via USPS priority mail. The agreement was available for pickup at her post office on April 8, 2015.

On April 15, 2015 I reminded her the package was ready for pickup. She said she would not be able to pick it up until Monday April 20, 2015. On April 30, 2015 the package status was updated to unclaimed and the package is being routed back to me. I informed her of the unclaimed package and she claimed to have had an accident which made her unable to pick up the package. However, the accident (if there in fact was one) occurred well after the letter was available for pickup.

On May 6, 2015 I advised her I am taking her to court over the issue. She deflected by saying I should not have used signature required so someone else could have picked it up and she wanted me to send the refund agreement again. The lies are apparent and I responded by saying we will take it up in court. Dawn responded by saying she will counter sue me for legal fees because “this is completely unnecessary.”

On May 7, 2015 I submitted a complaint via email to Ms. Wendy Klamm the TICA South Central Regional Director. Wendy informed me she has 2 other complains besides mine and she is looking into all 3. Based on other sources, there are at least 2 additional complaints from other customers that Wendy will also receive shortly. Other complainants speak of kittens with health or physical issues, lack of communication from the seller and frustrations as to the amount of excuses Ms. Campbell has when pressed for updates or pictures of the kittens.

On May 7, 2015, I was advised by Legal Clerk for Justice Court Precinct 4 of Frisco, TX I would not be able to serve Dawn the small claims petition unless I obtained a physical address. A private investigator is being obtained to procure this information so she may be served. Dawn has been very good about keeping her actual details private. A huge red flag for me after this whole situation is to never work with someone who only gives a PO Box. They are likely hiding something.

After all of these attempts to resolve this issue outside of court, I am pursuing any and all action to receive my promised refund of $1,700. After my experiences with her, I fully expect her to respond to this complaint and simply try to lie her way out of it. Once the trial is complete, I will be posting an update.

The public must be informed of these poor and shady business practices. Kittens are suffering at her expense and so are the owners who have had the displeasure of communicating with her. While there may be people out there who had a good experience with Pendraig Siberians, I am not one of those people.