Buddie J Hahn, Orange, Texas

Buddie J Hahn, Orange, Texas – Unstoppable Child Molester!!!!! – I couldn’t do anything legaly, so I had to resort to this complaint site. at least the world would know about this sick Son-of-a-Bitch Approximately 6 months ago this sick S.O.B. of a judge Buddie J Hahn fondled my 5 year old daughter. I know this because my daughter was acting very strange and sad. When I questioned her she described everything in detail of what he did to her. She even told me he told her to call him uncle Buddie. She said he was tickeleing her in the ribs and making her laugh, but then he started tickeleing her under her underwear. She said he was doing something with his finger inside her pee pee and another up in her boo boo, She said it started hurting her and then he stopped. I contacted the police and they told me there had been other reports of such actions but there was nothing they could do. uncle Buddie was too powerful. I had to try to do something for my little girl. I feel like I let her down

Devastated DAD

Judge Buddie J. Hahn
260th District Court
801 W. Division St.
Orange, TX 77630
(409) 882-7095
Fax: (409) 882-7093

Dennis J. Adkins Dayton, Ohio

Dennis J. Adkins Dayton, Ohio – Dishonorable Judge Dennis J. Adkins Dayton, Ohio – Our Committee is at present investigating corrupt Judges. There are not that many, but there are a few that are corrupt to the bone.We are now focusing on his Dishonorable Judge Dennis J. Adkins. We already compiled many corrupt facts involving his dishonor. These facts will be widely publicized in the relatively near future.

We are also appealing to the general public for any facts of corrupt activity by any corrupt Judge that we can investigate. It would especially be appreciated if you have facts of corrupt activity with his dishonor Judge Dennis J. Adkins


Dennis J. Adkins

Montgomery County Common Pleas Court
41 North Perry Street, Dayton, OH 45422. (937) 496-7951
[email protected]

Detective Raymond St. Clair

Detective Raymond St. Clair – Corrupt Detective Exposed – Several times I had dealings with Raymond St. Clair, who is Undercover Vice Cop. I found that not only fabricates a story, but also down right lies. I have talked with several other Police officers & they stated that was the method by which he built his Career. I am posting this information because Officer St. Clair is a dirty dog. He forced he my friends and me to perform sexual favors with him. He intimated that he does that he does Drugs. What a fine Vice Cop. I checked this site to see if anyone else had bad dealings with Vice Cop Raymond St. Clair. He took advantage of me a few times. He also smoked Crack with me. We have him on camera, we are in the process of sending the Video to an expert, and we will be getting his Photo up on the internet soon. This man will set you up to be arrested by doing things like sending underage people into your store to buy things that only is allowed to be bought by an adult, but at the same time he’s doing things like making you you do sexual favors to him. He will not tell anyone about that part of what he does to people like me. I know this man is just doing his job as a Vice Officer by trying to see who will violate the law, but it’s not right that he does who know what kind of Drugs along with the crack him and me smoked, along with making people to perform Sexual favors to him

City of Dayton
335 W. Third St.,, Dayton, 45402
937-333-2677 (333-COPS)

Ombudsman-Dayton, Ohio

Ombudsman-Dayton, Ohio – Worthless Agency – Don’t even bother calling these ignorant douchebags. They will do absolutely nothing but, side with the agency that you are complaining about and argue with you that the fraud in question, is justified. I don’t understand how an agency that is supposed to help citizens of a community, totally acts as though they are in bed with the scammers that you are trying to get some help against.What a joke ! This is just another huge waste of resources that someone is having to pay for and it never produces any benefit for anyone. The Ombudsman-In Support of Fraud Everywhere ! Someone recently contacted the Dayton Ombudsman and they were put on with this dumb-ass-kissing-say-the-right-thing-or I-could-lose-my-job type of not-too-bright female.They made a good effort to try and explain to her as to how what they were talking about is fraud.She kept on saying that this person wasn’t listening, when in fact, she wasn’t and wouldn’t listen to the truth of what was being said. I guess common sense and truth have no place in anything, nowadays, according to this dumb bitch.

Ombudsman-Dayton, Ohio
11 W Monument Ave #606,
Dayton, OH 45402
(937) 223-4613