zynga.com – Dishonest People – I bought 2 expansions in Farmville that were clearly marked with a red sale marker. I got the sale price at the time but was later charged full price. On Nov.14 I purchased 2 farm expansions that were on sale for 20 & 24 farm cash. I watched my cash deducted correctly at the time. My balance was 301. The next day my balance was 125. The agent said I made the purchase on the 13th & the sale expired the 12th. I responded back with the correct date & that the items were still marked on sale on the 14th when I purchased them. I didn’t receive a reply from that e-mail or receive my cash back. The e-mails were on the 15th. Also on the 15th I lost an additional 12 farm cash due to a server error. I was told i had purchased 12 lights which I did not purchase. On the 16th when I signed into the game I received a message about the problem & that my cash had been returned. I did received 2 cash back but not the 12 I was due. I sent another e-mail asking the agent for the other 10. I also asked her if I had purchased 12 lights as she stated why I was given any money back. I didn’t receive a reply or my additional 10 back. Zynga took 186 of my money in 2 days & i feel like I don’t have any option other than to file a complaint. They are just ignoring the issues by not responding to my replies to their e-mails. This is the second time they have advertised a sale & I have been charged a higher price. The first time only involved 30 farm cash so I let that go. I know it is not ethical for a company to do this & I don’t think it is legal either. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to offer in this matter.

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