Ladeshia Renee Coney, Eagle Lake, Florida

Ladeshia Coney moved to Eagle Lakeand owes child support. Her and her husband are deadbeats who thinks it’s cool not to take care of a kid. They blame all of their issues and problems on others when its their fault that they keep getting their license suspended for not paying child support. its their fault that the child support debt is on their credit report. They make excuses to not see the kid and dont show up for the kids birthday. they complain about having to pay 50 bucks a week but act like they are rich. immature adults that don’t take care of obligations and blame all of their problems on a kid that they dont’ want to help support. deadbeats that open places like Ward community center just to get free money from donations. stealing donations to support themselves and to work under the table. have a million lies for why they can’t work and help take care of the kid. yet keep having more kids