Apple – Apple – Replacement / Upgrade / Apology for wasted time! – I went to the apple store under the assumption they would resolve my isue. I have had my iPhone 5s a little over a year however, i purchased the apple care that covers my purchase for 2 years. My phone has been freezing and cutting out of my apps. At times will not charge displaying the error “this accessory not supported w/ this device” but the charger im using is from apple!!! I took my phone to apple in an attempt to have my problem resolved just for the rep to tell me that she ran a diagnostic on my device and it came back as having a software issue. b/c this is a known issue, the only thing she can do is have my phone completely erased and for me to start using my phone as a new device w/o restoring from back-up. MAKES NO SENSE! so after waiting for about an hour in store i left and called customer service over the phone. Rep stated she had never heard of such and what she can do is have me send my phone in for repair (and i would be w/o a phone)- thats a no, or they can send me a phone through the mail however they would have to hold $549.99 on a credit card like I just have that to lay out in limbo. Needless to say I will be in search at best buy later this week for the new


Dell – Cannot get this matter resolved. – I purchased a Dell laptop computer in August 0f 2012 from Dell with windows 7 installed with a promise of an upgrade of Windows 8 for $14.99 . I contacted the place of purchase which was Dell and they said they could not do anything, contact Dell directly and DELL said they can not do anything because Dell should have contacted me about a deadline for the upgrade. I was not informed by Dell or Dell about any deadline for upgrade. I was told by a manager (***** ******) at Dell that they cannot do anything to help me and I need to pay for the full package price for Windows because it was not up to them to notify me of the deadline. I have spoken to people with ***, ********* and Dell and still cannot get this matter resolved. – Stay Away From These Crooks!!!! – On 8/01/14 I was on a website called to download torrent microsoft office 2013. my google chrome browser froze up and a pop-up appeared and asked if I wanted to report the issue. I clicked yes. Within a few minutes I got a call from PC Support or I should have been suspicious at that moment. They offered to resolve my issue and provide service for two years for $99.99. I figured that $99.99. for the year so not a bad deal. They promised my computer would work like new. It was only 1 year old. They showed me the error log where I could see there had been attacks. Again bells should have been ringing since the attack errors occurred just before they called me. I use malwarebytes and wondered why it hadn’t prevented the attacks. After the repair that took them about 4 1/2 hrs, my computer was working fine. Didn’t seem like new though. On 08/02/14 I called because I wanted google chrome to be my default web browser. I was told the technicians were busy and would call me back in one hour. After 6 hours I sent them an email but still did not get a response. They did send me an email with the copy of my purchase receipt.


TECHFIXNOW – Aggressively trying to put shareware on my computer so they can issue a refund. – I got taken by this company a couple months ago for $349 for virus protection. Live and learn. Now they are calling with a promise of a refund of $349 and they are being very aggressive. They want me to download shareware so I can download the online refund form. The tell me I need to do this in 10 Minutes!

Avangate, Inc.

Avangate, Inc. – Unauthorized Charges – This company charged my credit card a year after the initial purchase. The card was run even though the address information did not match. I in no way authorized this company to recharge my credit card for a renewal of any software. The used an “automatic renewal” excuse to explain why they charged. I have notified the company but spoke with an offshore representative. I am highly disappointed that a supposed legitimate company would use these tactics hoping that their customers do not monitor there bank accounts.

Avangate, Inc.
555 Twin Dolphin Dr Ste 155,
Redwood City CA
[email protected]
(650) 963-5701