Frank Esposito. Toms River. New Jersey USA

Beware of this filth. He is a homewrecker who deserves whatever he gets! He preys on women manipulates and controls all aspects of their life. Extremely spiteful scumbag. Don’t believe anything this piece of s**t says, he’s attempted to wreck several homes. He’s in the medical field, all nurses and staff need to beware. Your home could be next. Walk away!!!!

Randy Christopher Ruiz, Highland Park, California

Randy Christipher Ruiz of Los Angeles/Highland Park; DOB November 22, 1982. Works often as a security officer at Northwestern Law in Los Angeles where he smokes weed on the job consistently and shows up to work drunk. He has impregnated 3 different women and has
Absolutely nothing to do with his oldest daughter nor the pregnant mother of his 3rd daughter. When he told his family his gf was pregnant on her 12th week, his batshit crazy mother whom Randy repeatedly says he hates and cannot wait until she dies, attacked the girlfriend. Randy immediately stopped wanting to see his pregnant girlfriend, whom he deceived the first night they slept together when she stated she wanted a
Condom to be used and he proceeds to oral s*x and insisting the gal drink and even try to beg her to get high, she found out in the dark how he had put himself inside of her unprotected and later he even laughed about having lied to her about having not e********d inside of her– which ensued to the current pregnancy. At week 12 of pregnancy Randy up and stopped communicating with the pregnant mother of his 3rd child and has no responded to either of her 2 attempts to contact him, yet he fills his Instagram with his happy bullshit of drinking and blaming other people for his problems. He is @rebelrandy22 on Instagram and also goes by @theraider82. He often uses 82 and 22 in his screen names and he is obsessed with the Oakland Raiders. He does not live with “roommates”, he lives directly off of the 5 FWY in a house with him decrepit and evil mother Irma and his older but middle brother whom apparently works for LAPD named Steve, whom has a 6 year old daughter living with him. This brother Steve, regardless of being charged with upholding Justice and Ethics allows his brother Randy to get drunk and stoned, along with their 18 yr old nephew Ray, whom brings all sorts of drugs into that home, where his little
Girl is supposedly better off than with her own mother –and they all protect Randy’s lifestyle over pushing him to be responsible for all the poor fatherless children he is bringing into California’s Los Angeles County, not to mention how many different women he’s deceived and left abandoned with his children.

Julie Perea Perez, Aurora, Colorado

Julie Perea Perez, Aurora, Colorado – Once a Cheater, always a Cheater – A woman cheats on man while he is burying his father two young cousins. Julie Perea Perez 32 of Aurora, Co. was cheating with coworker and has left 9 year relationship with Ian Micciulli 40. Julie Ian met in 2004 working together they fell in love. Julie was a divorced mother of a 3 year old girl and 11 month old boy when the couple first met. Childrens biological father was also a coworker of Julies Ian took the role of step father with great honor. rnFast forward to November 2012, Ians father Vincent Micciulli dies at the age of 59. Vincents final wish was for his sons to take his ashes back to New York and put them in the ocean. Ians uncle drives Ian and his brothers to NYC and back in August of 2013. On September 21, 2013 two of Ians cousins 17 21 were brutally murdered in Tennessee. Ian then drove with his brother, mother and aunt to speak at the funeral and console family. After returning from two horrible trips, Julie accuses Ian of cheating with family members both times. She throws him out of house for a week each time. Looking back Ian should have seen the sign. Julie played the game for a month or two more, allowing Ian some last pity days unknown to him with the kids. What a special women she is.rnIn October 2013 after parent teachers conferences at school, Julie talked or lied to Ian and kids about having a baby. Then she threw Ian out for good November 9, 2013. 1 year and 3 days after the death of Ians father. Julie was acting jealous, this time about a girlfriend of Ians from 15 years ago. Now 2 weeks until Christmas Julie is going out with another coworker.rnThere were a lot of problems between these two, but to sneak around behind someones back while they are grieving is a really horrible thing to do. Ian is deeply saddened and misses the kids very much. This is the 3rd or 4th time Julie has been caught cheating in nine years. So the statement once a cheater, always a cheater applies here.

Joe Knight

Joe Knight is on dating websites especially Plenty of Fish. He lies about his name, where he lives where he works, how much money he makes, his son, his education, I could go on. If you find out the truth, he will change his number so you cannot call him anymore. I was a fool and gave him money and gifts. I want other women to watch out for this man.