Wendy Smith, Anna Maria, Florida

My husband has been having an affair with Wendy Smith, she is a district manager for Publix Supermarkets. Wendy was my husbands supervisor and during that time their affair began. I have proof of the affair, lewd photos and text messages. I am just as sickened by my husbands behavior and believe she should face reprcussions for her indiscretions as my (soon to be ex) husband has. Saddest part of this mess is that my children discovered their affair. I am disgusted by their behavior, especially Wendy Smith. As a supervisor she should be held to a higher standard. Publix, what is your problem? Allowing this kind of filth in your company.


J Adalberto Abraham Felix Franco (J Adalberto Abraham Franco Felix) is a psychopathic sexual predator with a substantial criminal history. He uses multiple aliases and is employed in an office that backs up next to sorority housing. Be VERY careful if you encounter this individual, they are very dangerous.


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